Solar Components

  • Trapezoidal Bracket

    Trapezoidal Bracket

    Roof top Solar Mounting Bracket for Trapezoidal tin roof mounting
    we are wholesale solar racking provider in China
    PV Mounting Clamps for Trapezoid Metal Roofs
    Solar Adjustable Trapezoidal Roof Mount with short rails .
    1.Can suit for different tilt angle of Trapezoidal
    2.100% Aluminum made
    3.A good performance at corrosion
    4. don't need install rails any more .
    roof clamp can be used for most types of tin roof. With the clamp group, the solar mounting system can be installed without damage on the surface of tin roof.
    10% of the components have been assembled at our factory, so it will save your installation time and labor cost. You canchoose suitable clamps type as your needs.
    Starwin Solar is one of the solar mounting system manufacturers in China

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  • Solar brackets' Tile roof Hook

    Solar brackets' Tile roof Hook

    Adjustable Solar Panel Mounting hook mounting bracket on tile roof for solar panel mounting system pv mounting bracket
    Stainless Steel Hooks For Solar Mounting
    Starwin solar technology company focuses on pv solar mounting system and solar power system for many years, with the strength of solar energy industry. We have many kinds of hooks.
    it will be designed according to your roof beam, different types of roofs.
    Stainless Steel 304 Adjustable Double Flat Tile Hook
    Double adjustable height flat tile hooks are more convenient for those pan tile style roofs that require individual adjustments.
    adjustable double flat tile hook provide a fast and easy way to install solar on tile roofs. The solar tile hook is made by stainless steel 304, tile arm and base thickness can customized as per your request.

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  • Thin Film Solar Mounting Clamp

    Thin Film Solar Mounting Clamp

    Thin Film Solar End Clamp solar mounting end clamp

    Starwin solar is wholesale solar racking supplier in China
    thin flim plane solar end clamp
    Frameless glass panel thin film clamp which can be used for standard size solar thin-film.

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  • solar standing seam Clamps

    solar standing seam Clamps

    High Quality Metal Roof Solar Panel Roof Clamps, Solar PV Roof Hook, Aluminum Solar Mounting Brackets
    Starwin solar is wholesale solar racking in China
    Aluminium solar Roof clamp standing seam for Solar Metal Roof mounting
    includes clamp/screws/nut M8/spring washer M8.4/hexagonal socket button head bolts M8*20
    starwin solar roof angle is for metal sheet rooftop
    With various metal roof clamps, metal roof mounting can meet corrugated roof demand without penetration on the roof structure surface
    We have various types of roof clamps to meet your roofs
    Standing seam roof hook is designed for different kind of installation situation.

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  • Solar Rail

    Solar Rail

    Solar Panel Mounting Rails System
    we are the provider of photovoltatic solar racking systems China
    1.Solar Mounting Rail has 3 sides for installing, top side for Solar Panel , Bottom and Side for tile hook , Top and Side are for Bolts, bottom side is for T-Bolt or ordinary bolt.
    2. Tilt in Nut Bolt is esay for installing, labor, time, cost effective .
    3. Rail splice kit can be convenient to connect together for this solar mounting rail it’s light in weight, easy for transportation, fast installation

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  • Porcelain Tile Hook

    Porcelain Tile Hook

    solar tile mounting hooks
    Starwin solar is wholesale solar racking in China .
    Starwin solar provides the Tile Roof Hook Universal Mount. A more elegant solution than hanger bolts or standoffs. Various roof hook styles have been developed for different tile roofing types.
    solar hooks Features:
    Works on many different tiles/applications due to adjustability afforded by width of base plate
    Double roman tile, Spanish tile, other similar tiles
    Does not require flashing or cutting of tile in many applications
    Easy to install

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  • Tin House Hooks

    Tin House Hooks

    Starwin solar is wholesale solar racking from China
    Solar L feet Roof Kit is widely used for the USA market. With perfect design and quality, it can withstand a large wind speed and snow load.
    The solar power mounting system used for steel roofs uses special L brackets to match the profile of the roof. The racks that hold the panels generally don’t require drilling into the roof structure at all but use the existing installed roof screws. Care must be taken to ensure the screws and brackets are properly sealed after the installation. Usually installations on metal roofs, if these roofs are not extremely steep, is slightly easier than on tile roofs.

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  • L Leg

    L Leg

    solar L foot roof mounting
    Starwin solar is wholesale solar racking from China
    Solar Panel PV High Quality Tin Bracket Mounts To Rail & Screws
    Comes with bolts 90mm roof screw and rubber isolator.
    Complies with all International standards for solar panel installations.
    Tin Brackets are designed to screw to the batten under the tin and allows adjustment up and down the 'L' shape bracket to allow for variations in the roof.

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  • Solar Accessories

    Solar Accessories

    Popular Stainless Steel 304 Solar Cable Clips for PV Modules
    Starwin Solar is the provider of wholesale solar racking from China
    It comes with all the hardware shows in the picture.
    Grounding Lug is a grounding component which is light weight and easy install for solar panel and solar mounting system. There is a stainless steel mounting hardware, When the hardware is tightened, the conductive plate specialized teeth embed into anodized aluminum or any electrically conductive metal to establish a gas tight electrical connection.
    solar panel ground clip is designed to bond solar panel to mounting system rail and create an electrical path to ground.
    The grounding clips are placed between PV modules and mounting rails at clamping points when install. the grounding clips' specialized teeth embed into anodized aluminum rail.

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