Solar Components

  • Rail Clamps

    Rail Clamps

    PV Panel Rail Clamp

    Starwin solar is wholesale solar racking from China
    Photovoltaic Aluminum Rail Clamp is used to anchor the panel rails.
    Easy Installation
    solar rail clamp Parts have been high pre-assembly to save you much time and reduce installation cost.
    All the solar rail clamps are made of qualified aluminum. They are high corrosion resistance and strong wind resistance and also completely recyclable.
    10-Year Warranty
    A 10-year warranty let you not worry about maintenance for material and solar mounting structure

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  • KLK Clamp

    KLK Clamp

    KLK clamps Provide an easy and cheap way to mount on Klip – Look type roofs without penetrations.

    wholesale solar racking from China
    No rails were used in the installation and no holes were drilled through the roof.
    Solar modules were fixed with End Clamp and middle Clamp directly to the interface, which are secured firmly onto the roof rib.
    The interface for Klip-Lok type roofs is designed with EPDM rubber with the benefits of high corrosion resistance and with the maximum possible lifespan.
    It is compatible with starwin solar’s tilt legs allowing tilt angles from 10 to 60 degree to maximize the system performance.
    Klip Lok Standing Seam Roof Mounting is 100% no damage roof and is flexible for commercial and residential areas. Do not need rail to make installation easy and lower cost.

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  • Trapezoidal Bracket

    Trapezoidal Bracket

    Roof top Solar Mounting Bracket for Trapezoidal tin roof mounting
    we are wholesale solar racking provider in China
    PV Mounting Clamps for Trapezoid Metal Roofs
    Solar Adjustable Trapezoidal Roof Mount with short rails .
    1.Can suit for different tilt angle of Trapezoidal
    2.100% Aluminum made
    3.A good performance at corrosion
    4. don't need install rails any more .
    roof clamp can be used for most types of tin roof. With the clamp group, the solar mounting system can be installed without damage on the surface of tin roof.
    10% of the components have been assembled at our factory, so it will save your installation time and labor cost. You canchoose suitable clamps type as your needs.
    Starwin Solar is one of the solar mounting system manufacturers in China

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