Solar ground mount solar system is getting more popular in agriculture and industry.


Solar ground mount solar system is getting more popular in agriculture and industry.

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The technology of the Ground Mounting Solar System is mature and has gone through a series of market tests for years. There are two common solar systems: roof solar mounting system and ground-mounted solar system.


Solar systems that are installed on the roof will be mostly used in homes, while large solar systems installed on the ground are mostly used for industrial purposes, such as agriculture, or large industries. Its solar panels are larger which takes up more space, but also allows them to collect more solar light and produce more energy.


Not all Ground Mounting solar systems are the same. Different solar systems are created according to their use and installation method.


There are two main types of ground-mounted solar panel arrangement systems, which includes the:  (i) Standard Ground mounting system,  (ii) The pole mount ground mounting system


The following are the types and the ways how  to build solar ground mount solar systems:


(i) Standard ground solar mounting system:

This is a type of solar mounting system where the poles are placed and set into the ground and a racking system is placed on top of the poles. The poles and racking system work altogether to hold the Solar PV panels that are set on the racking system.

The poles are well set after digging and creating the hole on the ground surface. After the poles are set in, the holes are filled with concrete to create a very strong base that holds the entire solar mounting system.

The standard ground solar mounting system has a major limitation of not having access to tilting the PV panels as they are established on a fixed angle.


(ii) Pole ground solar mounting system:

This is a type of ground solar mounting system that is also built by creating holes and placing poles into the ground.

However, in this solar mounting system, the holes that are being created are wide and big and involve the insertion of huge poles.

The solar PV panels are installed on top of the poles, on an adjustable racking system that facilitates tilting of the panels to different angles.

PV mount

The above image portrays Standard Ground mount and pole ground mount solar systems.

Generally, there are other many types of solar ground mounting systems. These include the  N-type ground solar mounting systems, PV carport Solar mounting systems, the W- type solar ground mounting systems, Aluminum ground mounting solar systems, etc.


The development and growth of the usage of different Solar Ground mounting systems have led to wide usage in the Agricultural sector and industrial sectors. And also led to the growth of solar ground mount system suppliers.


Solar ground mounting solar systems are most preferable in the agricultural sector and industrial sectors.


Ø Agriculture Sector


Solar Power supply has become a popular and most common method used in agricultural activities & production.

The installation of the ground-mounted solar systems in Farmlands is easy and has generally low installation costs.

Moreover, since the installation of the racking systems that hold the Pv panels are set several feet above the ground, it helps to create wider space for crops and vegetation to be cultivated.

The ground mounting systems have long-lasting life and are durable and they can operate over 25 years or more with less or no damage.


Furthermore, the surface of the placed racking system is usually anodized. This helps to make the system corrosion resistant and not easy to catch rust.


Ø Industrial Sector


Ground mounting solar systems have become more preferred to be used as a sustainable means of power supply to large industries.

The solar mounting system is usually pre-assembled by the producers which makes them easy to install with fewer installation costs.


As Industries require a high energy supply, the ground mount system has become the close option since the presence of a wide-open space of land enables the placement and installation of a large number of panels. Unlike the roof mounting system which might have limited space for installation.


In industries, solar energy can be used for completing sustainable production activities. Majorly, it helps in electricity supply which serves lightings and running of machines. Moreover, the power supply improves efficiency in production with minimum production costs.


In addition, large industries are also highly interested to employ Ground solar mounting systems because they can sustainably enhance the diversification of their energy sources.


The Ground mounting solar system has generally become among the most preferable means of power supply around the world due to its advantages over other power systems. Besides the merits provided by it, it may also have several general shortcomings as sometimes, its installation may require drilling/digging or even clearing of the land surface which may cause land degradation.


Generally, the ground solar mounting systems may vary from type to type, but still, they may have several common advantages. They help to broaden the energy supply which can be used for many large-scale activities. Also, they help to provide power in households as they utilize sunlight energy into a useable power supply for cooking, washing, lighting purposes, etc. Besides, also their general installation costs are relatively low due to the presence of pre-assembled components and usually have long-lasting life cycles.




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