Do Solar Panels Have to Be on the roof?


Do Solar Panels Have to Be on the roof?

When it comes to sun-based boards, one of the foremost common questions individuals inquire about is whether or not they got to be introduced on the roof. The reply? It depends. There are masters and cons to introducing sun-based boards in different areas, so it’s significant to weigh all your choices sometime recently choosing. In this article, we are going to see a few of the aces and cons of having sun-oriented boards on the roof versus other locations.

Do sun-based boards need to be introduced on the roof?

Generally, no. Housetop sun-oriented frameworks are mounted on an existing structure, decreasing the prerequisite to build mounts – such as post structures or cement establishments – on which you'll be able to introduce boards. In any case, it is subordinate to the roof and whether or not any modifications are required to fit sun-oriented panels.


Pros of adding solar panels on your roof

solar mounting

Expanded effectiveness – since sun-based boards are as of now uncovered to the sun, they can be more effective when introduced on the roof. When sun-oriented boards are introduced on the roof, they are uncovered to the sun all day, permitting them to assimilate more vitality.

 Things have appeared that housetop sun-oriented boards can be up to 30% more proficient than 

ground-mounted sun-powered panels.

Reduced establishment costs – since no mounts or establishments got to be built, introducing sun-oriented boards on the roof is frequently cheaper than in other locations.


Cons of adding solar panels on your roof

Expanded chance of harm – since sun-oriented boards are on the roof, they are more likely to be harmed in terrible climate or hail.

Increased require for upkeep – as boards are on the roof, they are more troublesome to get to for support and repairs.

Less stylish request – sun-oriented boards on the roof, can be unattractive to a few people. Installing sun-powered boards on the roof isn't the as it were choice accessible. A few other areas include:


Ground-mounted solar panel

Ground-mounted sun-powered boards are a sort of sun sun-oriented board mounted on the ground rather than on the roof of a building. There are a few focal points to this sort of establishment, counting the truth that it permits for more boards to be introduced in a given area and kills the got to enter the roof of a building.

Ground-mounted sun-powered boards are moreover frequently utilized in circumstances where a building does not have an appropriate roof for sun-powered board establishment, such as a metal shed or an RV.

 There are two fundamental sorts of ground-mounted sun-powered board frameworks: those that utilize posts and rails and those that utilize racks. Posts and rails frameworks comprise posts driven into the ground and after that rails that are affixed to the tops of the posts.

Racks frameworks comprise metal or plastic racks that stand freely or are connected to existing structures. Sun-based boards are at that point mounted on the outlines. The particular sort of framework utilized will depend on the location conditions and the sum of space available.

Both post and rack frameworks regularly utilize concrete footings to supply stability. In a few cases, you’ll moreover utilize counterweight pieces. Balance squares are huge squares of concrete or other fabric put on the ground another to the posts or racks.

Advantages of ground-mounted sun-based panels

– You can introduce it in a wide run of locations.

– You can introduce it to properties with constrained roof space

Disadvantages of ground-mounted sun-oriented panels

– More costly than housetop sun-powered panels

– Require more arrival range than housetop sun-based panels

Some other choices for introducing sun-powered boards can include:

– Carport – sun-based boards can be introduced on a carport, giving shade to stopped vehicles.

       – Awning – you’ll introduce sun-powered boards on a shade, giving shade for open-air areas.

Each area has its possess set of masters and cons, so it’s fundamental to do your inquire about some time recently choosing. Sun-oriented boards can be an incredible way to diminish our energy costs, but it’s imperative to form beyond any doubt they are introduced within the right area for you. 

How to select the proper area for your sun-oriented panels

– When it comes to sun-oriented boards, the area is everything. The correct area will maximize your panels' presentation to the sun, guaranteeing that they produce as much control as conceivable. But with the choices accessible, how can you know which area is right available?

There are several components to consider when choosing between housetop and ground-mounted sun-oriented panels.

First, think approximately how much space you’ve got available. In case you’ve got a large rooftop, introducing housed boards may be the finest alternative. In any case, ground-mounted boards may be an improved choice on the off chance that you’ve got restricted space.

Second, consider the climate in your zone. If you live in a room with cruel climate conditions, introducing ground-mounted boards may be distant as they will be less likely to be harmed in tall winds or by overwhelming snowfall.

Third, think approximately about the aesthetics of your domestic. In case you're concerned approximately the appearance of sun-oriented boards on your roof, at that point, ground-mounted boards may be distant as they can be introduced in a way that's less unmistakable from the street.

Finally, consider the fetched of the establishment. Ground-mounted sun-oriented boards are ordinarily more costly than housetop sun-powered boards, so on the off chance that you're on a budget, at that point, roof-mounted sun-oriented boards may be the better choice.

No matter which sort of sun-powered board you select, keep in mind that area is key to maximizing their control output.


Solar boards don’t have to be introduced on the roof of a building. There are various other alternatives, each with its possess set of stars and cons. The most excellent choice for you may depend on your circumstances. Components to consider incorporate space accessible, climate, aesthetics, and fetched.

Keep in mind that area is key to getting the foremost out of your sun-oriented boards, so select wisely!

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